What Is The Working Principle Of Water Cooling Plates In Heat Sinks?


In the initial times of power-generated equipment like computers overheating was a great problem. It was resolved by using different techniques and methods and then heat sinks were introduced. They proved to be very efficient devices for the management of thermal output but the traditional design of heat sinks has very few issues just as the noise production.

Now there is a lot of advancement that has been made in heat sinks such as the water cooling plates. These plates are added along with heat sinks and they have proven to be increasing the overall working and efficiency of the cooling systems of different electronic devices. You can find more about these plates here.

What Is the Water Cooling Plate Working Principle

In the Heat sinks the water cooling system is present. There are some important components that it must have for proper working water cooling plates are one of those components. A water-liquid cooling plate consists of a metal block and a water tube or channel is present in the metal block.

The water tube that is present in the water cooling plates can be made of aluminum or copper that will directly contact the source that is creating the heat so it will absorb the heat of it. With the help of a water pump, the fluid circulation in the pipeline is managed.

If water is the fluid that flows in the pipeline then the system will be named a water cooling system. The fluid or liquid absorbs the heat of the source and then it will flow away and the cool new liquid will take its place and absorb the heat.

What Is Included In The Water Cooling System

The following are the two main parts of a water cooling system

Water Pipe

It is present in the cooling plates has two important functions to perform for the normal working of the cooling system:

  • Firstly it is connecting the tank, the plate, and the water pump.
  • Secondly, it allows the liquid or the fluid to go into a closed pipeline without any leakage.

Water Tank

The water tank in the heat sink cooling system is responsible for storing the fluid that needs to be circulated in the pipeline.

Water Cooling Vs Air Cooling

Water cooling and air cooling systems almost work in the same manner; the only difference that lies in the type of circulating fluid. In the case of an air cooling system, there is also a heat pipe for the circulation of air just like in water cooling systems we have the water pipes.

Characteristics Of Water Cooling System

There are two main characteristics that are associated with a water cooling system these are:

Reduce Noise Operation

The heat exchanger has a large surface area so a low-speed fan is enough to dissipate the heat energy. So the cooling system will operate on a low-speed fan. Additionally, the water pump does not work by creating very obvious noise so overall the heat removal or the cooling system of the device is quiet especially if we compare it with an air cooling system.

Balance In System Heat

As we know that water has a large specific heat capacity because of this reason it has a great ability to absorb a good amount of heat without significantly bringing change in temperature. So the temperature of the electronic device in which the water cooling system has been installed will be easily controlled.

And in case a sudden operation is done then there will be no instant effect that will happen in the internal temperature of the system.


The water cooling plates are mostly used for computers where other cooling systems including liquid nitrogen cannot be used practically. Besides the computer in CPU it is a useful application in medical equipment, laser equipment, and some other electronic devices where high power is involved.


A water cooling system is a widely used heat management system that is installed in many electronic devices including the CPU of computers. Water cooling plates are one of the main components of water cooling systems; they are available in different metals and specifications.


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